Trivia Bowl

Trivia Bowl is an app that serves as a platform for groups of people to participate in trivia competitions with a technological twist. The app allows players to view trivia questions as well as answer them through the digital interface of their app. Questions are asked through different rounds and participants are given a time limit to answer. Also included in the user interface is the display of all participants’ scores. One trait that makes Trivia Bowl unique is that players have the option to make donations through the app to support fundraising efforts for Parkinson’s Disease support.

marketing needs

When Trivia Bowl commenced operations, they were still just an idea. They identified the need to clarify their pitch for potential investors. They also needed a go to marketing strategy as well as marketing consultation. Lastly, as they were a relatively new group, Trivia Bowl needed the connections necessary to contact investors.


First, Frenik marketing guided Trivia Bowl through a unique selling proposition activity to help them identify what selling points and key functions of their app they want to communicate to potential investors and sponsors. Next, Frenik created Trivia Bowl’s entire comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy involved creating and distributing marketing materials to increase brand establishment as well as recording data on participating non-profits, venues and advertisers to better communicate event coordination and progress. Frenik then created a complete pitchbook for Trivia Bowl for potential investors to view as a source of all information and unique selling points for the app. Lastly, Frenik helped connect Trivia Bowl with different investors to increase their funding as well as non-profit donations for Parkinson’s Disease support.