Precision Fenceworks

Precision Fenceworks is an on-site fencing design and building company based out of Athens and Atlanta, Ga. Founders Zack Goekjian and Brent Chandler wanted to combine their years of experience into a start-up company to take on the fencing industry from a different perspective. The company also orders all fencing materials for each individual customer and is in full compliance with state and local licenses and permits. Precision Fenceworks brings exceptional quality and admirable service to both the residential and commercial fencing industry.


% increase in conversions from web traffic within


more visits to site within 4 months

marketing needs

Precision Fenceworks identified the need to improve their internet marketing strategy. They needed a way for search queries to yield more meaningful website traffic as well as more website visits in general. Precision Fenceworks wanted more leads directed towards their website to better serve their customers as well as increase business.


In order to help drive more meaningful traffic towards Precision Fencework’s website, Frenik marketing created a new marketing strategy for the company that involved both SEO and PPC campaigns. Next, Frenik ensured that the company was the first result listed by search engines through both organic and paid searches. Within 2 months of the SEO and PPC campaigns, there was a 258% increase in conversions from website traffic. After 4 months of implementing the new marketing strategy, there were 10 times more visits to the website than before.