Got 2 Go

Got 2 Go is a personalized taxi app that was started in Athens, Georgia. The app was created in 2011 prior to the arrival of Uber in the United States. As there was and still is no regulation of taxis in Athens, app creator Jordan Sandler wanted to facilitate the process of hailing a cab without being overcharged. Got 2 Go provided a personal driver upon ordering a ride from one’s phone. The app had an integrated GPS system for both driver navigation and user pick-up. To ensure customers were not being overcharged, the app charged all users a set rate depending on mileage and the time of day. The process of returning home after a night or day out became much more personalized and hassle-free for Athens residents.

marketing needs

As mobile technology was rapidly developing, Got 2 Go identified the need to match that same fast pace with their app. They understood that people’s daily activities were transforming along with the technology itself. They also identified the need for a rideshare function that would give users the chance to split the cost of a single trip or car if necessary.


Got 2 Go was successfully able to integrate ride sharing, navigation and different pricing into their app. All the components of the app ran smoothly and at the time, the app was more advanced than Uber. Got 2 Go ultimately sold their technology to a taxi company and altered it to fit their business model.