Development by Design

Development by Design is a sustainable construction and design company that builds custom homes for commercial and residential clients. The company was founded by Kristen Gregory, who has over 20 years of experience in development, construction and design and carries out her visions of a more environmentally friendly design and building process. DbD lives by their mission of bringing more custom designs and more efficient systems to homes of all sizes. The company thrives in building people’s dream homes by analyzing important items on clients’ checklists and constantly acknowledging detail and quality.

marketing needs

Development by Design exists to change the way something has traditionally been done, meaning going about construction and design in a more efficient, customizable way. They identified the need for a website that would explain to customers what they do differently than other design and construction companies, how they do it and why. Next, as building custom homes is stressful, DbD needed a way to display their building process and design pages to give consumers confidence in choosing their services to create their dream home. Lastly, as these homes are mainly constructed in Florida as vacation homes, the company wanted to ease the communication process between admin and customers, as most of them could never be physically present for consultations or appointments.


Frenik built Development by Design a website that served as a source of information, projects and company standards for potential or current clients. A “Get Inspired” page was integrated that offers insight on a wide variety of relevant topics to users, such as energy management, water conservation, solar panels, auto controlling and much more. Frenik also introduced a modern portfolio that showcased several of Development by Design’s completed projects to give potential customers a tangible result while going through the process of building a new home. Added to the website was also a rundown of DbD’s new home process and the steps they take with the customer to ensure they get the vacation getaway property they can afford and have always wanted. With an interactive website full of information, testimonials, project examples, testimonials and much more, Development by Design can give clients the confidence to trust their company with delivering the exact product they want and making the custom home process much less stressful.