Condor Tours and Travel

Condor Tours & Travel is a travel agency that offers different travel packages and specials for those who are seeking a breathtaking getaway. A wide variety of packages are offered, such as wedding and honeymoon packages, grand touring packages, historic packages and much more. Condor Tours & Travels advocates vacationing in several different destinations including Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, Europe, the Amazon and even Antarctica. The travel agency promotes seeking new experiences and stepping outside one’s comfort zone to witness breathtaking landmarks around the world while vacationing. Lastly, Condor Tours & Travels frequently offers specials that provide a wide range of activity-filled vacations for a reasonable price.

marketing needs

Condor Tours & Travel frequently competes against huge travel advising services such as Expedia and Kayak. They identified a need in creating a visually appealing website that would stand out to powerhouse competitors. They needed a searching service that would allow customers to find exactly what kind of travel services they were looking for. Condor Tours & Travels also wanted to retain user interest through testimonials and evidence of the beautiful vacations they provide for others.


Frenik designed a website for Condor Tours & Travel that showcased the wide variety of vacation destinations that the travel agency promoted. A search bar was added to the home page that allows users to enter the exact region, travel duration and price range they want for a vacation. Interactive photos of destination packages appeared as bulletin board pictures that would drop down and provide more information upon the user rolling his or her mouse over it. Finally, Frenik created an blog inspired interest page that offered insight and highlights on different destinations and landmarks to give potential clients a more in-depth and personal glimpse of the trips Condor Tours & Travel provides.