CFS Corporate

CFS Corporate is a manufacturer and distributor of hardwood flooring. Their products range from simple cork flooring to high-end, elaborate hardwoods. Supplies are manufactured in the U.S. and China and are sold worldwide. On top of having a wide range of quality products, CFS only uses lumber and bamboo harvested according to responsible forestry guidelines and regulations. All laminate production meets CARB II requirements as well. Floors can be produced with less impact on the environment due to the quality control implemented in their modern facilities, warehouses are located near ports to minimize transportation time and costs and lastly, all floors are ensured to be safe for customer use and are backed by a 50-year warranty.

marketing needs

CFS Corporate follows a B2B marketing strategy, meaning that they only sell their products to other businesses or distributors. They needed a more user-friendly web portal that would allow different retailers to look at available products and make orders without making their flooring supplies available to the general public. CFS also needed way to show different product pricing to different dealers. Lastly, CFS Corporate’s ordering system was previously email based and they needed a more efficient way for distributors to price, order, and reorder flooring supplies.


Frenik Labs created a website for CFS Corporate that gave each distributor and business their own personalized login. This allowed them to review their current orders, order histories, make new orders and reorder something they already purchased once. To make the website more user friendly and better engage the customer, Frenik created a blog portion of the website that allowed users to find flooring information based on topics such as design, maintenance, décor and design trends. Each individual blog post allowed for comments and threads from the user to better involve the audience and circulate feedback and resources.