XBowling is an application that delivers a bowling experience like no other. The XBowling App allows users to keep track of scores, compete with others around the world, track game history and statistics and earn reward points. The app can be used at any bowling location and for some centers that are certified by XBowling, such as Stars and Strikes, users can order food and refreshments from their phones while using the platform. For recreational bowlers, the app offers simple features such as social connections and challenges. For competitive bowlers, XBowling provides competitive information, live scores, players stats and pin tracking to determine which pins are being missed the most. XBowling is an innovative platform that provides a new way to enjoy the activity of bowling.


relevant marketing contacts created


stores supported with branding rollout


Hours turnaround on all sales material

marketing needs

As XBowling’s developers were skilled in programming, they identified the need for both application and website design. Rather than contracting a third party to design and upkeep their app and website, they wanted an in-house user interface for both. Next, since XBowling was a new concept in the bowling industry, they needed marketing content to educate the public on their unique selling points as well as general information.


In order to keep XBowling’s user interface in-house, Frenik designed both their application and website while they provided the programming. Next, in order to amplify XBowling’s brand establishment, Frenik designed physical marketing tools such as tents, tables and displayable pins. Lastly, as a method to peak user interest, Frenik designed and released promotional coupons for free games of bowling at different XBowling centers upon downloading the application.