U.S. Asset Management

U.S. Asset Management is a wealth management firm started by CPM and wealth adviser David Cross. Cross spent 25 years at different Wall Street firms prior to starting U.S. Asset Management. He broke off from these institutions because many of these institutions followed corporate rules and regulations and he felt he could do more for clients without these barriers. U.S. Asset Management offers wealth management services such as financial planning, investment management and supporting client charities. The firm also advises clients in retirement income planning, tax reduction, alternative investments and much more. David Cross and his team at U.S. Asset Management take pride in getting to know their customers and creating plans that cater to their needs and goals.


syndicated television commercials


awesome brand created from scratch


% saving on broadcast with Frenik-negotiated deal

marketing needs

When David Cross founded U.S. Asset Management, he needed assistance in starting his business and establishing his brand. As his company provides services to several high net worth people he identified the need to inform potential clients about the quality of his brand. Aside from needing to establish their brand, U.S. Asset Management wanted a unique selling proposition that would convey their purpose and services to their targeted audience. Finally, they needed collateral to better validate themselves and raise awareness about who they are.


Frenik helped U.S. Asset Management solidify their newly founded brand by establishing collateral. This means we produced everything from brochures, their website and even TV commercials. During the 2016 election, as many people were worried about changes in the stock market and the stability of their funds, Frenik shot a series of commercials for U.S. Asset Management that helped inform the audience that they could invest with confidence. These particularly relevant commercials gave the viewers a tangible service they could connect with. Lastly, Frenik negotiated all of the commercial shooting and production terms and specifications.