Unique Logistics International

Unique Logistics International is a specialized freight forwarding group that consists of a dynamic group of companies catering to international transportation and logistics. The company has a heavy concentration on transportation from Asia to United States and European markets and its network is constantly expanding. Unique Logistics International is known for its speed, accuracy and reliability for each shipment it oversees. Through reducing clients’ logistics costs, improving efficiency and developing original logistics solutions, Unique Logistics International delivers the best possible service to its customers at all times.


3D rendering created


locations supported


% increase in cold lead conversion

marketing needs

Unique Logistics International is a large-scale company with coverage in over 65 countries. The extensiveness of their network is at times hard to convey to not only potential clients but also employees within the company. Unique Logistics International identified the need for branding material to fully portray their global coverage and strategies for adapting to worldwide market changes as well as their value of customer service and employee satisfaction.


In order to help Unique Logistics International convey to both clients and employees alike the impressiveness of their innovation and coverage, Frenik produced an informative brand video to visualize the Unique experience. This video gave viewers an inside look on how massive Unique Logistics’ network is, the equal value they place on customers and employees and the high standards of operation they undergo to ensure shipments are being handled with care and expertise. Included in the brand video was footage of company warehouses, offices and countries of operation as well as high- quality, 3D renderings of maps, railway transportation and shipment by boat. This brand video gives clear insight on Unique Logistics International’s vision as well as tangible examples of what makes them a leader in their industry.