The Gwinnett Chamber

Since 1947, the Gwinnett Chamber has served as Gwinnett County’s forum for business, government, education, healthcare, different forms of entertainment, philanthropic and public-service outlets. The Chamber lives to improve the county’s quality of life and promote existing businesses and job opportunities. Over 2,000 people in Metro Atlanta are served by the Chamber. Furthermore, they bolster economic development efforts locally, regionally and globally. The Gwinnett Chamber prides itself in acquiring and maintaining world-class entrepreneurial and community leadership talent.


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marketing needs

In recent years, the Gwinnett Chamber launched the IMPACT Regional Business Awards to celebrate businesses and organizations that heavily contribute to economic development and the creation of jobs. For a newer award, the ceremony has so far yielded a very large crowd with more younger participants than past years. For the 2017 IMPACT Regional Business Awards, The Gwinnett Chamber identified the need for creative content for this fast-paced awards ceremony. The chamber also needed video content to showcase the accomplishments of each winner and maintain audience attention throughout the ceremony. Lastly, the Gwinnett Chamber needed video production services that were both flexible and adaptable to last-minute change as the decision of the winner was made shortly before the ceremony took place.


In order to provide the Gwinnett Chamber with the creative and video content they needed for the 2017 IMPACT Regional Business Awards, Frenik sent them a dynamic team that would be able to do all filming, producing and editing for ceremony-related content. Next, the panel that decides on award winners informs the Chamber two weeks prior to the ceremony. Therefore, Frenik successfully coordinated between shooting footage of award recipients’ offices, client interviews, employee interviews, testimonials and producing and editing with a last-minute notice. Lastly, on top of creating high-quality video content with little time, Frenik had to go about this process in secret to ensure that the award winners were not aware of their selection prior to the ceremony.