Suwanee Town Florist

Suwanee Towne Florist is a talented group who welcomes your input and invites you to be a part of what they create. They enjoy enhancing their customer’s homes and events with beautiful arrangements of wonderful fresh flowers, tropicals and silks. Suwanee Towne Florist delivers your special order within a 24-hour window and some orders can even be delivered the same day. They have decorated events from intimate to grand, holidays, weddings or any sentiments of sympathy for the loss of loved ones. Their attention to detail and ability to blend tradition with innovation sets them apart from their competition.


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marketing needs

Suwanee Towne Florist was looking for a way to reach a targeted audience through search engines. It was vital for them to be at the top of each specific search engine to stand a chance of click-through. While achieving their goals, Suwanee Towne Florist wanted to maintain their reputation and increase their conversion rate. They also wanted a way to track their paid search campaigns to get an understanding of their conversion and click-through rate.


Frenik created a marketing strategy for Suwanee Towne Florist that only targeted people that met their criteria. We determined keywords that their specific audience was searching for so that Suwanee Town Florist was first on all search engines. Ultimately, we were able to provide Suwanee Towne Florist with a 250% return on their investment, increasing their revenue while enhancing their online reputation.