Sequent Health Physician Partners

Sequent Health Physician Partners is a care network formed by the alliance of area doctors and Gwinnett Medical Center. Sequent Health functions as a Clinically Integrated Network, which means that healthcare within this alliance has a greater emphasis on communication between doctors for a centralized source of information. Gwinnett Medical Center hospitals and other facilities connected through Sequent Health Physician Partners provides convenience and easy access for all patients, provides higher quality care and delivers more up-to-date and personal attention to patients with long-term conditions. Sequent Health Physician Partners carries out its vision everyday through coordinating the continuum of care, supporting providers in their efforts to optimize patient outcomes and enabling patients to actively participate in the management of their own health.


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marketing needs

As the concept of a Clinically Integrated Network is relatively new in the Southeastern United States, Sequent Health Physician Partners identified the need for branding tools to educate the public about this delivery method of health care. Next, they needed a website that would serve as a source of general information of all aspects of their partnership, including participating physicians and network values. Lastly, since Sequent Health Physician Partners centered around constant communication, they identified the need for an accessible in-house database of patient information.


In order to educate potential patients about their network, Frenik built Sequent Health Physician Partners a website that not only served as a source of general information, but also integrated a physician directory, physician member benefits, insurer inquiries and employer contracting. Frenik also produced white board style informative videos for Sequent Health that served as branding tools to better establish Sequent Health and build a sense of confidence for patients considering seeking their medical services. Lastly, Frenik created an online portal for doctors associated with Sequent Health Physician Partners that would allow them to access patient information through one data-based program, thus facilitating their pursuits for constant communication.