Putter Pong

Putter Pong is a golf tailgating game sold and distributed by LCB Golf Concepts. They are an Atlanta-based startup focused on creating fun and innovative tailgating games. The company was originally started in 2015 by Matt Bravo and Stosh Cohen, who had the idea for Putter Pong at a Braves tailgate. As business graduates and fraternity brothers, they decided to ditch their day jobs to pursue the idea full-time. Their site went live in August of 2016, and they are now in over 50 retail locations.


% increase in website traffic in first month


% increase in web conversions within 2 months


entrepreneurs living the American Dream

marketing needs

The Putter Pong team came to us with the specific goal of driving addition e-commerce sales on their website. With no prior analytics or paid advertising, they had no background on where to even begin. Based on their background, we had to put together a full internet marketing strategy and implement analytics on the site to track conversions.


Firstly, Frenik came up with a strategy to approach a paid marketing campaign for such a niche product. We had to benchmark the product against similar outdoor games, tailgating items, and lifestyle brands. Within our first month of implementation with Putter Pong, we saw their web traffic double. Over the next 2 months of the campaign, we were able to optimize that traffic to convert more of those sales.