Phocal was a mobile app that served as a social media outlet. Launched in 2015, the app possessed what most people today consider essential in a social media app: private and group messaging, photo sharing, memories and posting. When the app was launched, several of these functions did not exist in social media powerhouses such as Instagram. One function that made Phocal unique to other social media apps was its ability for users to create group galleries. This gave users the chance to create and collaborate on the same series of photos, rather than individually posting the same photos on each person’s individual account.


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marketing needs

Prior to launching Phocal, its founders had been in the gaming industry. They identified the need for assistance in creating a marketing strategy as well as consulting. As Phocal was preparing to market itself to gain funding, they also identified the need for a team that could execute goals correctly and on time. Lastly, Phocal needed assistance in designing their app to give the user an experience like no other.


To help Phocal deliver a social media experience like no other, Frenik helped the founders design their app with a visually appealing user interface as well as several useful functions such as group galleries, user activity calendars and an interactive “hamburger” slide-out menu Frenik also provided consultation for the app in regards to marketing strategies and goals. Lastly, Frenik helped Phocal deliver a unique app and made changes or updates as needed without negatively affecting the user’s experience.