Martin Concrete

Martin Concrete was founded in 1991 and what used to be small, rented office space has transformed into a powerhouse construction company with four different divisions and over 300 employees. The company possesses a unique safety culture that prioritizes the well being of its employees through its safety committee, job site visits and safety audits. Martin Concrete has several high value clients including Mitsubishi Electric, General Electric, Delta and P&G. The company highly values its relationships with its clients and takes pride in the service and quality it provides to the customers it serves.


photo interactive site designs


Marketing brochures created


% increase in number of applicants

marketing needs

As Martin Concrete has several high-value customers, the company saw the importance in ensuring that it always displayed the impressiveness of its services. Martin Concrete identified the need to depict the large size of the company itself as well as the high quality of its construction products to potential clients who researched them. The company also wanted a website that would serve as a source of information to convey their extensive portfolio of projects, clients and services to users, further building their brand as one of prestige and giving users a sense of trust in contracting them for construction needs.


In order to display the depth of quality found in Martin Concrete’s construction services and products, Frenik designed a new website for the company that was highly interactive as well as very informative of all aspects of their clients, projects and values. Frenik also created high definition video and photo content to give users real-life depictions of their construction process, services and employee testimonials. Lastly, Frenik designed multiple visually attractive brochures as a marketing technique to further increase business. With so many different examples of their wide range of products, clients could truly understand what makes Martin Concrete such an impressive establishment and why they should be trusted will all forms of construction needs.