Locker Room Talk

Locker Room Talk is an online news platform that reports on college recruiting and coaches. Coaches are anonymously reviewed and rated by current and former athletes to give high school recruits and their families more honest intel when going through the recruitment process. Founders Keirsten Sires and Nick Petrella are both Skidmore College graduates and were both college athletes themselves. They hoped that through Locker Room Talk, high school recruits and other high school athletes would have more of a voice in their respective athletic careers.


algorithms developed to rate coaches


coach surveys in the first year


awesome brand created from scratch

marketing needs

Locker Room Talk was a start-up company. As its founders were young college students, they identified the need to define their brand. They also needed a website to enact upon their vision for their company. This meant a website that had a full list of coaches to review, a database of different universities and colleges, news releases and seminar requests. They needed a website that would serve as a platform to carry out all of their company functions while further strengthening their brand as a whole.


In order to help Locker Room Talk define and build their brand, Frenik offered consultation in marketing, funding, and upkeeping their business. Next, Frenik created a website that fulfilled all purposes of Locker Room Talk’s business. This new website provided full lists of coaches and colleges with filters that allows users to narrow down results by school, sports, division, and conferences. Next, Frenik created a blog portion of the website that let contributors, mostly present or former athletes, post articles on a variety of topics ranging from current events in the collegiate sports world to tips on succeeding in the recruiting process. Aside from adding contact information and applications for internships or team positions, Frenik added a seminar section of the website that covers all of the different kinds of seminars Locker Room Talk offers along with a customizable sign-up form for users who are interested in insight on the recruiting process.