Lightbulb District

Lightbulb District is an ecommerce website that carries thousands of lightbulbs for any lighting need imaginable. The company provides lighting for both home and business, whether it be LED, fluorescent, aquarium or anything else. Lightbulb District provides everyday lightbulbs but also carries specialized, hard to find bulbs as well. They also provide customer advising on proper lightbulb care and use to unsure their clients are getting the most out of their purchase. Lastly, Lightbulb District proudly takes responsibility as a leader in the retail lightbulb industry by encouraging sustainable business practices that reduce their local, regional, national and global environmental impact.

marketing needs

Lightbulb District has thousands of different lightbulbs. However, while there are so many products, lightbulbs tend to look very similar and can confuse shoppers when they are looking for the item they need. Lightbulb District identified the need for an intuitive navigation system that would let users filter through the different lightbulbs to easier find what they were looking for. Lightbulb District also needed a newly designed website that would strengthen their online sales efforts and better establish their brand.


When dealing with their website, Frenik used heatmaps to understand where users were visiting and clicking on the most. Next, when redesigning their website, Frenik came up with a couple different versions of the new site and underwent A/B testing to see which form of the website would perform the best. Through the analysis and analytics gathered from the results of the A/B testing and heat maps, it was determined which popular aspects would be incorporated into the final version of the website. Frenik was also able to successfully install an intuitive navigation system in the website to help customers filter through unwanted products and find what they needed much quicker than before. Lastly, Frenik designed a new logo for Lightbulb district that further strengthened their brand.