IPinvestments Group

IPinvestments Group is a patent monetization group that provides brokering and licensing services to patent owners. The company primarily focuses on patent brokering, patent licensing and patent investment. IPinvestments Group serves national and international clients ranging from singular inventors to large scale companies. The company strives to provide clients with high-quality specialized services to heighten the price achieved in patent monetization transactions and is one of the top patent brokers in the country.

marketing needs

As IPinvestments Group is one of the top patent brokers in the country, the company identified the need to create a platform that would showcase their most recent patent offerings. They also wanted their website to be a source that would spark interest amongst potential investors. Lastly, IPinvestments needed an interactive website that would facilitate users learning more about what they do, company updates and news on deal announcements.


Frenik designed a website for IPinvestments Group that served as go-to information source regarding company information and the monetization process that the company follows when brokering and licensing. Next, Frenik integrated an interactive portal that lists all of the patents IPinvestments has available for sale and updates every time a new patent is available for purchase. Lastly, Frenik added a news portion to the news website that both publishes and archives deal announcements and press releases regarding company developments.