Interactive Cafe

Interactive Café started at the Interactive College of Technology in Chamblee, Georgia. After many years of working for the college as a director of financial aid, founder Lucy Montes came to the realization that students were unsatisfied with the limited vending machine options for food. Interactive Café provides fresh on-the- go meals for fairly inexpensive prices. The restaurant also gives students the option to order ahead of time online and pay prior to picking up their meals. Thousands of students are served on an annual basis by Interactive Café’s delicious, homecooked meals.

marketing needs

As Interactive Café was a relatively new concept amongst most college dining experiences, the company identified the need to establish their brand. They also wanted to give their customers an easier experience when ordering food both upfront and ahead of time. Furthermore, Interactive Café understood the need to integrate student accounts into payment options to better accommodate customers and increase sales. Lastly, Interactive Café needed a more modern POS system carry out operations.


In order to help Interactive Café establish their brand, Frenik solidified their brand as an on-the- go eatery on different campuses directed towards students. Next, Frenik was successfully able to integrate student accounts into an accepted form of payment to further cater to students and make their ordering experiences both at physical locations and online much easier. Lastly, Interactive Café was switched to a new POS system known as Square. Square provided several benefits to Interactive Café, such as business intelligence, customer engagement services and built-in tipping.