Hudgens Center for the Arts

The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning was founded over 35 years ago and fosters exhibitions, art classes, tours and community outreach programs for both adults and children. The non-profit lives to bring leaders, learners and art enthusiasts together though their different programs and exhibits. They also carry out several community arts initiatives that reach out to underprivileged Gwinnett County citizens. The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning hopes to extend financial aid opportunities through Title 1 schools, increase the number of partnerships with other non-profits and continue to showcase new and permanent artwork in their galleries.

marketing needs

In 2016, The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning underwent a full rebranding project and identified the need for marketing collateral to match. This meant that they needed to redesign and recreate visual marketing techniques such as logos, brochures, event invitations and printed exhibit promotions. They needed a full service marketing firm that would help them strengthen their new branding efforts through promotion and emphasizing on the direction they were taking their brand in.


Once the Hudgens Center for Art & Learning clarified on what their vision was for a rebranding effort, Frenik was able to help them strengthen their new brand through matching marketing efforts. After analyzing past brochures, Frenik designed new brochures for the various programs and exhibits the Hudgens Center offers in a style more in line with the new image they were aiming for. Lastly, as the Hudgens Center wanted to emphasize on their community outreach programs, Frenik designed informative handouts that outlined their smART Honors Program and the opportunities it provides for its participants.