Gwinnett Young Professionals

Gwinnett Young Professionals is a program devoted to helping young business people with personal and professional development. This program is led by the Gwinnett Chamber, bringing together individuals age 25 to 40ish within the Gwinnett County community. GYP focuses on enhancing business professional’s leadership and entrepreneurial skills, while giving participants the opportunity to share ideas, common interests and learn more about the business community surrounding them.

marketing needs

Gwinnett Young Professionals needed a new logo to match the ideals and values of the program as they continue to progress year after year. They were in need of a design that better represented the young, fun environment their program produces, while still communicating professionalism and networking. As they continue to develop more engaging events and experiences that appeal to their target audience, the GYP program saw the need for a mark that better embodies where they are headed in the future.


To better represent GYP’s message, Frenik created a new logo that ties in modern elements, while staying true to the values of community, diversity, and professionalism. Throughout the new logo design, there are several elements that work together to tie in these values. The chat box touches on a more age appropriate, modern day means of communication: texting. This chat box is configured into four pieces, representing people connecting around a table and coming together as a community. The multiple colors represent a diverse group uniting to create something amazing. An experience they will never forget. Stylistically, the typefaces and graphics used throughout consist of modern, bold and clean forms to communicate the strength and polish of the GYP group. Overall, throughout this process we were able to create a new design tailored to GYP’s mission to portray the young, fun environment of the program while incorporating elements of professionalism.