Gwinnett County Public School Foundation

The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation, Inc. is an organization that provides financial resources to enhance and improve education for the students of Gwinnett County Public Schools. Since its establishment in 2006, the Foundation has continuously upheld the world-class standards of Gwinnett’s public schools. The Foundation and its board of trustees continuously acts on the importance of community involvement in public education and improving the quality of life in Gwinnett County through education and citizen responsibility.


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marketing needs

The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation needed a way to facilitate the donating process as much as possible. They were previously using a third-party service to coordinate events, marketing efforts, donations and invitations. By using this third party, they had to use a percentage of their earnings as payment. The Foundation identified a need for a single platform that would integrate all donation and event aspects into an in-house source. On top of trying to cut third-party costs, The GCPS Foundation saw a need to make their website more user friendly to both GCPS students, parents and faculty. Lastly, the Foundation needed an update in both their user interface and addition of social media outlets for a new generation of viewers.


To cut third-party costs, Frenik created a website for the GCPS foundation that combined all the different aspects of their foundation and community efforts into one user-friendly website. This means that general information, upcoming events and calendars, scholarships and grants, sponsors, news, donation opportunities and public-school employee perks are now all accessible through one outlet. To better facilitate donating to the Foundation, Frenik implemented several different prompts to donate throughout the homepage. Also on the homepage includes a clear mission statement and list of goals that the Foundation lives by. Lastly, we created a real-time donation banner that continuously updates in representing how much money has been donated, how many schools have been supported, how many scholarships have been provided and how many students have benefited from donations. This gives donors a tangible result of their efforts and consideration.