Greater Atlanta Christian School

Greater Atlanta Christian School was founded in the early 1960’s on what used to be a rural, dirt road in Gwinnett County. The once humble campus has grown to 19 buildings over the span of 75 acres. The school actively seeks program improvements, education research and campus expansion. GAC provides education from infancy through twelfth grade and strives to offer the best for its students in academics, fine arts, faith and athletics. With a STEAM- focused curriculum, GAC and its pupils constantly earn individual and school awards as well as scholarships to universities for graduates.


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marketing needs

Greater Atlanta Christian School realized that as more families were moving to Atlanta and its metro areas, they were doing more in-depth research on what schools they sent their children to. Rather than forming opinions based on word of mouth from family and friends, parents are researching different statistics and price ranges through search engines. GAC identified the need for a comprehensive strategy to understand which audience had the financial means to send their children there. The school also wanted a more interactive outlet to inform the public and showcase their impressive campus and educational resources for its students.


Frenik carried out a comprehensive marketing strategy for Greater Atlanta Christian School that avoided catering to an audience that didn’t meet the criteria for enrolling their children. We were able to do this through ensuring that the demographic GAC was directing their marketing efforts towards was the audience that met the same profiles, eligibilities and interests of the potential students and the families that would be enrolling them. Lastly, Frenik collaborated with GAC to create several video suggestions that will eventually be produced to further demonstrate the prestige and impressiveness of the school.