Findling Law Firm

The Findling Law Firm, P.C. is a criminal defense firm that upholds the ideals of a large civil defense firm. Firm founder and lawyer Drew Findling has represented several celebrity clients including Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Rodman, Gucci Mane and Migos’ Offset. The law firm focuses on criminal law and handles case topic ranging from minor tax fraud to high-profile murder cases. Findling Law Firm only accepts a limited case load to ensure that each client receive the time and attention necessary to achieve the best outcome. Recently, Drew Findling received the NAACP’s Civil and Human Right’s Award, another addition to his long list of impressive recognitions.

marketing needs

As a law firm that has dealt with several high value cases, Drew Findling identified the need to create some sort of sense of affirmation for potential clients. He wanted people to see the best of his legal accomplishments. As an individual with a large social following, the firm saw the importance of creating a platform that combined all the different aspects of publicity, legal memberships, media attention, public speaking and most importantly, representative cases.


In order to create a reliable platform that reflected all aspects of Drew Findling’s firm and legal career, Frenik created an interactive website that had individualized sections for topics ranging from general information to news and media. By integrating Findling’s social following into his website, Frenik was able to build a sense of affirmation for potential clients. Through showcasing Findling’s impressive portfolio of representative cases, celebrity clients, positions held in legal memberships, public speaking appearances and awards, Frenik was able to establish a solid brand for the boutique law firm that would leave any potential client feeling confident in seeking their legal services.