Exhibits South

Exhibits South is a full-service design and development firm that focuses on marketing and sales environments such as trade show exhibits, interiors and museums. The company is primarily women owned and operated and is part of the Greater Women’s Business Council. Exhibits South has continuously provided high quality designs and services which is reflected in the fact that over 70% of their projects are produced for existing clients and referrals. Finally, the company’s exhibits are environmentally friendly through the use of local, recyclable and sustainable materials.


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Since it started in 1983, Exhibits South had grown exponentially. They had accumulated enough equipment over the years to sustain not only the exhibits they created, but also different kinds of printing services. The company identified the need to strengthen their brand as both an exhibit designer and a full-scale print shop that could create anything from signs to banners. Finally, as most of the product user guides derived from a third party, Exhibits South didn’t receive any credit or recognition on search engines.


In order to help establish Exhibit South’s brand as both an exhibit design and printing company, Frenik created a new website with a split entrance homepage that helped users identify which service they needed. The split entrance homepage helped establish Exhibit South’s brand as source of both high-quality exhibits and full-scale printing. Each side of the split entrance led users into almost separate websites for either exhibits or printing. Next, Frenik integrated product guides into the new website so that all search engine inquiries would lead back to Exhibits South themselves. This created a seamless user experience that gave a better sense of unity and theme to the brand. Lastly, Frenik produced videos for Exhibits South to showcase the visual communication behind their prints and displays as well as the intricate detail that goes into their display production.