Evaporcool dominates the market in evaporative condenser pre-cooling for commercial HVAC-R units. The evaporative pre-cooling system that Evaporcool produces is groundbreaking as it is a dual patented, clean-energy technology that reduces energy costs of different air-cooled HVAC equipment. Features that make Evaporcool so unique include magnetic attachment for instillation, qualification for energy rebates, minimal water usage and Wireless Performance Monitoring. The Memphis-based company also prides itself on low-cost, high-quality installation through partnerships and admirable customer support.

marketing needs

As Evaporcool sells an innovative product, the company identified the need to show people its special features and highlights. This meant that people needed to easily see the product as a whole and understand which features were the most prominent without confusion. Evaporcool recognized their product needed to be interpreted immediately by architects and engineers so that they could better picture how the product would fit with their current HVAC systems.


In order to make Evarporcool’s product understandable, Frenik created a 3D model of not only the Evaporcool attachment, but the attachment already connected to an HVAC unit. This model included all of the different features and general info regarding the product and its instillation. The also 3D model focused on the noninvasiveness of Evaporcool so architects and engineers could get a tangible vision of how easy instillation was. Lastly, the 3D model was integrated into an informative video that displayed the benefits of installing Evaporcool, such as annual electricity savings, control from mobile devices and differences in cooling. The model and the video showed the audience what exactly makes Evaporcool such a remarkable product.