Since 2008, EnviroColor has been dedicated to improving the appearance and extending the life of pine straw, mulch and turf. With thousands of satisfied customers, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the industry leader in all natural, non-toxic, and long-lasting landscape color concentrates. 


% increase of orders in first 2 months


% increase of money spent per new customer


months feasibility study

marketing needs

EnviroColor was in a unique situation when they first came to us. With a majority of their sales coming from retail vendors and shrinking order sizes, they decided they needed to expand their direct-to-consumer business. We had to develop a strategy to expand this side of their business, and give them the ability to continue thriving.


We initially did a 2-month research campaign with EnviroColor, during which we made the discovery that over 70% of their business was coming from their grass coloring products. Thanks to this discovery, we were able to re-focus their business to accommodate this. Additionally, we saw a huge increase in sales during this research period. Finally, we are re-designing the EnviroColor website to focus more heavily on the most popular products, and to sell directly to consumers.