Dr. Michael Czarick

Dr. Michael Czarick has been an extension specialist at UGA since 1985. He has conducted research on different aspects of poultry housing including poultry house environmental control and energy conservation, emission, construction and data collection systems. By studying the maintenance of chicken coop temperatures, Dr. Czarick can determine what environmental factors of poultry housing prevent aviary sickness and ensure a healthy flock. He has also released several publications highlighting poultry housing tips and bio-security to minimize the spread of disease amongst flocks.

marketing needs

Like much of the data yielded from research conducted by the University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science, Dr. Czarick’s research findings were entered into massive Excel workbooks. He identified the need to convert his data into an app that would make information on moisture control and minimum ventilation readily available. He also needed a service that would help others use his data to correctly maintain humidity levels within chicken coops to prevent mold outbreaks that would infect a flock. Overall, Dr. Czarick wanted some sort of service that provided recommendations and standards to other poultry firms that would help them upkeep the necessary components of a prosperous chicken coop and flock.


For Dr. Michael Czarick, Frenik created and designed a calculator based app that converted his data from Excel workbooks into a tool that allows other parties involved in the poultry industry to improve or adjust the different aspects of their chicken coops to ensure healthy flocks. This app allows people to calculate the necessary temperature, daily water intake of flocks and percentage of ventilation fan run times that are necessary based on external elements such as temperature and relative humidity. This app simplified the large amount of considerations when maintaining a successful chicken coop and turned the calculations behind this process into a user friendly app that made revising coop maintenance methods as easy as pushing a button. Dr. Czarick could also sell this app and its features to gain profit and benefit even greater from his years of research and hard work towards chicken coop upkeep.