Dr. Justin Fowler

The University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science is the largest poultry science research facility in the world. Furthermore, Georgia’s largest agricultural industry is poultry production. At the UGA Department of Poultry Science, students examine genetics, nutrition, embryology and other poultry related topics and direct this knowledge towards the management of flocks and poultry firms. Dr. Justin Fowler is a Cooperative Extension Specialist in poultry nutrition at UGA. He has researched different methods to continue using chickens as sources of nutrients while minimizing the input required to do so. He also evaluates feeding techniques in hopes of improving poultry production efficiency.

marketing needs

The UGA Department of Poultry Science enters their numerical data on chicken feed into large excel workbooks. UGA needed a way to convert this data and these numerical figures into a user-friendly format that would be easy for large poultry firms, like Perdue, to understand and adjust the components of their chicken feed according to what the formula mixture UGA suggested. The Department of Poultry Science also identified a need to assemble their data into a simplified format so their could sell their research findings and suggestions to other poultry firms and research facilities.


For the University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science, Frenik created a numerical based mobile app that provided data and ingredient nutritional facts for chicken feed. The app was calculator based, making it possible for poultry researchers to create their own chicken feed and adjust content based on preset recommendations derived from UGA’s findings. The results and formulas that were previously stored in excel workbooks were now distributed into an interactive application in the form of an ingredient library, “Create my Diet” function and a nutritional guide. After Frenik created this app, the UGA Department of Poultry Science was able to sell the app and the data it carries to other research facilities and poultry firms for profit.