Dawson Jones

Dawson Jones is a store fixture distributor based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers everything from hangers, clothing racks and mannequins to price tags, labels, bag printing and much more. Many of the products sold by Dawson Jones can be ordered in bulk and there are often specials on more singular items such as display baskets, jewelry holder and mannequins. Aside from their impressive inventory and customizable products, Dawson Jones Store Fixtures was one of Frenik’s first customers, first contacting us between 2014 and 2015.


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products interactive website design


% website downtime in 2017

marketing needs

Dawson Jones previously carried out B2B transactions. Once they started selling their products online to the general public, they needed a website that gave more to their customers. As their previous website was template based, they identified a need in creating a website that was customized to serve their clients as well as list their products. They wanted to optimize their website as a source of product information as well as better connecting their audience. They needed a web page that was designed just for them rather than struggling to fit the mold of a pre-designed template that didn’t expand or reinforce their web presence


In order to eliminate the problem of basing their website on a predesigned mold, Frenik designed a website from scratch that specifically fit Dawson Jones Store Fixtures’ needs. This included offering new services to the user, such as a search bar with custom filters, that helped them find exactly what product they wanted. Frenik also incorporated a blog into the new website that allowed admin to post articles about product related topics to further peak user interest. Lastly, by adding in drop down lists to their product category menu, consumers could better understand the wide range of the products they sell.