Cohesive Solutions

Cohesive Solutions produces software that allows buyers to improve and maintain high performance asset management programs. The services offered by cohesive solutions gives organizations and businesses the ability to manage and optimize their assets, work and supply chain managements programs. Cohesive Solutions integrates IBM Watson IoT- Maximo Asset Management into their practices, which provides identification, tracking, and management for clients’ physical assets. Lastly, Cohesive Solutions delivers the right experience to its customers through applying a delivery method that mixes industry subject matter expertise with innovative technology capabilities.


% improvement in web page efficiency


week turnaround time


% decrease in bounce rate

marketing needs

Cohesive Solutions identified a need to minimize the amount of content on their website and efficiently place information for the audience to review. Secondly, as they sell a very complicated product, it was deemed necessary to provide product info in a simplified, easily understood context for the viewers to understand. Through data and analytics it was determined that because the website had such an overload of text based content, users were leaving the page quickly as a result. Thus, Cohesive Solutions saw the need to create content that their clients wanted to see rather than excessive information that may not even be relevant to what the user is looking for.


First, Frenik used data and analytics to better understand user interest and activity when visiting Cohesive Solutions’ website. Heat Mapping was used to determine where on the page users were clicking the most and session recording was used to determine what users were doing and where on the page they were going. These tactics determined what on the site needed improvement and change. Next, Frenik created a unique selling proposition activity for Cohesive Solutions that would gear their message towards what their clients wanted to see. They followed a brand architecture pattern that focused on building content off a core value. Once Frenik focused in on what Cohesive Solutions’ core value was, they were able to build content that catered directly to the clients. Through the use of infographs, images, videos and interactive drop down menus, Cohesive Solutions was able to better serve their clients by providing them with an engaging website that delivered the specific information they needed about products and services.