Campus Sports

Campus Sports was started by two college athletes who wanted to create an online sports editorial. The two NC State football player had an idea of their vision. They had the connections necessary to release stories on different athletes and teams, and as college students themselves, they would be able to contribute material about college lifestyle as well. Campus Sports had the intel necessary to create a successful sports column. However, they came to Frenik when they identified that they needed consultation in marketing, funding, and maintaining their newborn business.


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Campus Sports underwent rapid growth and debated on what to invest in. One thing that was very important was constantly delivering an amazing experience to the user. This kind of delivery meant a site that would never run slow or crash. Because of budget restraints, Campus Sports did not want to invest in upgrading their servers until they were very close to maximum capacity to be as efficient as possible as servers can be very expensive. We also had to constantly monitor the health of the marketing strategy and optimize for performance, develop more security and increase effectiveness.


Shortly after beginning work with Campus Sports, Frenik helped its founders better solidify their company by creating and implementing financial, business and marketing plans. Frenik inherently served as an officer in the company, taking charge of several aspects including managing funds, reporting to investors and providing technical support to Campus Sports editors and contributors. Other services Frenik provided include: - Successfully supervising Campus Sports’ servers - Frenik prevented the current servers from crashing due increased website usage instead of resorting to purchasing new server technology - New servers would have cost several thousands of dollars - Full video production - Production included high quality filming and editing for interviews with athletes like Todd Gurley. - Created graphics and ran social media campaigns - Connected Campus Sports with multiple freelance graphic designers and artists Throughout Frenik’s time with Campus Sports, the websites global ranking increased more than 7 times over the course of a year. Campus Sports’ website maintained less than .01% downtime in 2015 while experience user growth of over 100% per month. Frenik Marketing Group helped grow the company from building their first website to eventually receiving over 2.1 million views a month. After 2½ years, Campus Sports eventually sold to Coed Media due to exponential growth.