CAB Inc.

Started in 1982, CAB Incorporated is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of waterworks pipe flanges and parts. The company proudly carries out operations around the world with both international and domestic sources, including Caterpillar. CAB emphasizes on ensuring its factories are up to quality standards to ensure successful quality control and prevent delays. As a company that is part of an industry that traditionally makes transactions through a paper based sales process, CAB Inc. needed a strategy in moving away from that tradition to build a modern vision of content.


% increase in total conversions within first month


% increase in conversion rate within first month

marketing needs

CAB Inc. was missing experience in more modern sales techniques. Most of CAB Inc.’s sales were done through Excel sheets and no leveraging technologies existed within the company to simplify and modernize paper based transactions. The company also identified a need to better serve its clients in a more direct, innovative fashion in a black and white industry that targets a very traditional market. To help CAB Inc. build a modern vision of content and increase sales, Frenik Marketing Group provided strategy consulting services. To identify and serve clients’ specific needs, Frenik Labs ran an online marketing campaign for CAB Inc. As part of this campaign Frenik conducted research through paid searches to increase organic searches as well as getting to know more about the customers. Frenik also researched different solution possibilities including cost analysis and feasibility. The results of the paid research facilitated recommendations to be made for website design changes. As Frenik carried CAB Inc.’s online marketing strategy, we implemented an inbound strategy through paid media advertisements to identify social, search, and product listing trends. Ultimately, CAB Inc. was able to identify the need for an automotive marketing strategy approach that would produce and deliver content as quality leads to pass on to their sales team to better target and sell to customers. Lastly, included in the research and campaign for CAB Inc., Frenik suggested nurturing relevant content strategies through the creation of a utility app that would be a source of information for customer and their inquiries on products and services.


The improved marketing strategy that Frenik provided for CAB Inc. lead customers to direct product pages rather than a generic homepage, delivering more meaningful traffic to CAB.’s website. Frenik also integrated the use of a digital heatmap on CAB Inc.’s homepage that identifies the number of times a section of the page is clicked to continuously measure user habits. Lastly, Frenik designed CAB Mobile, an app for the company that serves as an information resource, product application guide and makes requests for quotes. The CAB Inc. app effectively connects buyers and employees alike.