Bergin Golf

Bergin Golf Designs was started in 1994 by teaching professional Bill Bergin. Through his years of golf expertise, Bergin is able to measure and design his courses based on how well one is able to play on them. For years, the high-quality golf course design company personally served a handful of customers. In past years, the company was heavily referral based and needed a new way to express to a larger audience the depth and quality of the courses they design and renovate.


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% increase in average time spent on website

marketing needs

As Bergin Golf was previously mainly referral based and catered to a select few clients, the company needed a new digital marketing strategy to gain exposure. Bergin Golf Design reached out to Frenik to integrate a digital format to their sales efforts that would allow the viewer to experience the quality of their products in an engaging manner. Bergin Golf needed an interactive website that would improve their digital presence and generate an emotional connection from the audience. Frenik Labs built Bergin Golf a new website that featured original and renovated courses they produced as well as a large selection of photos to demonstrate the beauty of their work.


In order to increase their digital presence, Frenik labs created a website for Bergin Golf Designs that was a source of the high quality they delivered. Featured of the new website included: - A company profile - Recent projects - Company services - Media mentions - Interactive digital portfolio The interactive portfolio specifically was the most innovative extension of the websiteas it created a sentimental correlation with the audience by showcasing new designs, transformation projects and the overall beautiful work Bergin Golf designs is known for.